Natural aid a unique HIV / Aids product is now registered & approved by National drug authority, UGANDA along with earlier registrations from NAFDAC (Nigeria), Pharmacy Medicine & Poison Board (Malawi) & Ayush department, govt. of india (India).

Why to Choose Us

Basic Properties

Nixon biotech brings natural, thoughtful and a holistic form of medicine, which not only treat the isolated signs and symptoms of disease but treats the WHOLE of you - physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing cannot be fully achieved unless all three are addressed.

Ayurveda V/S Western Medicines

Ayurveda formulates medicines from naturally available plants and herbs which brings permanent cure of the suffering by penetrating deep into the cells or organ of body, whereas western therapy formulates medicines from synthesized chemicals, which bring spontaneous relief to illness and can have adverse effects on the sufferer's body, which may lead to a poor or weak health.

Research and Development

Nixon biotech has well equipped lab and an expert team which is highly committed and working day and night to find herbal solutions for all kind of acute and chronic diseases. We bring natural products to market with quality,scientific and clinical validation.


To serve humanity in best possible way by providing 100% pure and quality approved herbal medicines and also to find out herbal solutions to the diseases which has no cure in allopathic.